October 20, 2008

A&W? and Other Stuff

Ok so you would think someone would know what a Root Beer Float tastes like...They don't! This was so gross and was nothing like a good ol' float. Fake vanilla ice cream flavor, which was basically vanilla...to much vanilla I might add. Really just not worth the money or the time. I did not buy this my husband did on a whim... Reminder to sell...don't let husband go shopping by himself. ; )
If I were A&W I would be embarrassed.

This weekend was a surprise. We decided to head over to Union Rose down town on Saturday.
I have some bags there and they wanted me to pick up the Spring/Summer looking bags...still need to replace them with Fall/Winter stuff. While we were there I found out that over the summer I had sold 3 bags!! Very exciting, I was starting to get discouraged about the whole thing.
And then when we got home I got online to check my emails and found that I had a sale in my etsy shop!! Mailed the item out this morning.
Now to get some more sewing done.
Went out to JoAnn's today for some Boning for a friends nursing blanket I will be making soon and some magnetic snaps...And found a hand full of fabric that I wanted to get but didn't because I am trying not to use credit...That is so hard to do!!! There are so many Christmas and Fall fabrics that I want to get.

Also went to Goodwill Saturday because my husband needed pants for work...He found three pair! And he made the mistake of showing me some shoes and then I ended up getting a couple pair...One was Nine West, I got those for $3.99 and the other pair are more casual and I got those for $6.99! It is fun when you find something nice. Now need to get a winter coat for my daughter, they didn't have any her size and my oldest needs paints, we got the high water look going on, he doesn't grow out he grows up...even the slims aren't slim enough, he needs those ones with the elastic button thingies.

Ok should stop myself or I will just keep writing. :)
It is cold and wet out today, I can't seem to get warm.

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vanessa said...

i love your blog. its super cute! i especially like the background.!