October 4, 2008

Holy Spatula Batman!

Received a Garnet Hill catalog in the mail yesterday. This "Retro Wool Coat" is very cute but I would never spent $118.00 for it!! It comes in a size 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,12 for little girls!!!
And check this out... Yet another catalog I never asked for but it showed up at my door and I got a kick out of looking at it. We don't celebrate Halloween, but who would spend almost $200.00 on a Halloween costume for a little girl!?! These costumes don't even include the shoes!

This one above is "Queen Elizabeth" You will pay $162.00 for the whole outfit! Below we have "Marie Antoinette" who knows how that little girl can keep her head up right with that huge wig on her head! You will pay only $173.00. And then you have the sweet "Southern Belle" This is the most expensive at $184.00!! I would rather save the money and use it to help pay for her wedding dress.
Remember none of these include the shoes. Which we all know anyone who spends that much money on a Halloween costume for their little one will not be putting their feet in tennis shoes.

Do these companies actually think I have money to spend?

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