October 3, 2008


I did it... I withdrew the boys from the connections academy program. I felt really strongly that I needed to today. So it is done. Oldest's teacher called and asked a few questions but was really nice and understood because she has also home schooled her children. Still waiting on Middle's teacher to call.
So now time to get everything that I had previous to starting the program out and put a schedule together and get back in the groove again. I feel relief but I am not one that like conflict of any kind so waiting for their response is a little nerve racking. But it is all good. The Lord is good!!

Also found out by a friend that the homeschooling store that we have in our area is moving and it will be closer to us!!! NOW that is exciting!!! They also have a website so I am going to go check it out in a minute or so.

Still a lot to clean in the house...it truly is clutter land around here.
The rain is falling so the skies are grey but I will fight the urge to hibernate!

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