October 1, 2008

Some Humor

Was that a thing for Wonder bread? Could you imagine!! Ok I do like the apron and the curtains I have to admit. : )
Was changing things up on my homeschool blog yesterday and added these two pictures, thought they were perfect.

Made a different kind of chili this morning and put it in the crock pot to cook...it smells really good! Also made some white corn bread...Oh how I love corn bread especially smothered in butter and honey.

Oldest did his school work today but Middle didn't...something inside me feels confident that I could do this all on my own with out using this program...then I do that horrible thing and doubt... I tell ya it's always a struggle to be confident in what I know is right... I basically can not put into words how I am feeling right now... it is just quiet and almost at ease... Oldest had a call from his teacher yesterday and she wanted to ask him questions about something he read at the beginning of school. I thought, Oh great he isn't going to remember and he is going to give her the answers he always gives me...to my surprise he answered all the questions and remembered the story he read!! My children surprise me constantly!

My hubby did a big thing last night and posted his 1978 VW bus for sale. We really do love it and have done so much to it, but we need the money to pay our debt off. Please pray that it will sell quickly. We call her Twinkie, she is still the original orange and cream.

Been thinking about Christmas this year. We can't afford anything at this point, already have the relatives taken care of, they all got the same thing. : )
But for the kids...I want to make them a sleeping pillow for their beds and I found a free pattern for a Lazy Day Skirt so I was thinking of making a few of those for Little and maybe seeing if I could make some shorts/pants for the boys out of the same pattern...
need to find the right fabric for that one.
Does anyone else have any ideas?

Man! I always get in the mood to sew at the wrong times...we have church tonight... Off to get ready, I actually got a work out in today! It always feels so good.

Have a wonderful day. : )

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