November 21, 2008

Breathing Again

This has been a week of being sick and not getting much done. I can say though I am dressed today and my hair is done, the curtains are open to let in the lovely sunshine though the air is cold. The photo above was taken yesterday evening, took it through my living room window...I love it when the sun is trying to shine through the grey clouds and it makes everything seem brighter in color. Perfect when the leaves are changing. I can't believe my hydrangea which is normally blue is still holding on. It's beautiful!!
I just through this one in. This explains my daughter in so many ways. She is a character, strong willed, determined, funny, beautiful, sweet, comedian, and from her voice you would think she was from Brooklyn, New York. I tell ya she is going to make a man very happy one day.
I hope and pray she never loses her joy.

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