November 18, 2008

I wanted to post a video today but can never find what I am looking for.
My oldest is 9 today. My husband is coming home with the movie Wall-E for him, we haven't seen it yet but we pre-ordered it a month or so ago. I am excited to watch it.
Today was alright, fighting a head cold so my head is really achy to the point that I just want to sit and veg. So watched White Christmas and Big J finished his tests for the first set of units. T and lil' J did some school work also. T is doing subtraction and lil' J is working on letters, she is the only left handed one in the house so I still haven't figured out how to show her but we are working on it and she is doing pretty good.

I am officially done writing on my home school blog that I had, it was really just sitting there collecting cyber dust. It has taken me a long time to give it up because, well I guess I thought I would miss something if I got rid of it. Nope nothing missed, I just needed to be done with it.

My boy is 9!!! I don't think it shocks me but it just amazes me that we have come this far.
He wasn't supposed to be born on this day, his actual birth date was December 1st but the Lord brought him into our lives early. He was 5lbs. 11oz.

The placenta was 10% dead...don't have any idea why but I knew that he was coming early.
5 days of none stop hard labor and only 15 min. of pushing. He seemed to be the biggest baby in the nato care (I think that is what they called it) and all he needed was a feeding tube. We got to bring him home on Thanksgiving day!! And now he seems all grown up...I can't wait to see what he becomes, I am excited to see what the Lord has planned for him. He has such a sweet heart for others and loves worshiping the Lord...who knows maybe he will be a youth pastor or a worship leader. He belongs to the Lord and I am blessed!

Goodness I need to work on being patient with my camera again. Sorry so blurry.


Anonymous said...

You can see his now face in his baby face, that is cool.
I didn't know yo had the homeschool blog going as well, that was a lot on your plate.
J is one of the nicest boys I know, glad he had a nice birthday.

Emily said...

He's didn't look blurry to me!

Elinor Dashwood said...

Oh I hope your son had a wonderful birthday yesterday! Sorry I'm just posting here now. I've been 'out of it' lately with our house on the market and all. Life is busy and our normal activities aren't getting done...even blogging. = ) Did he have a good day?? My birthday is on the 25th - I was born on Thanksgiving Day, so this time of year is my favorite. Give him birthday hugs from me.

I hope you're feeling better today. There's nothing worse than a head cold...wll, maybe the flu, but you know what I mean. They're horrible!

White of my favorites! I love that Inn don't you? I've got to go watch it soon. I recently watched Holiday Inn...that's another great Inn. Why aren't places like that anymore?!? I'd LOVE to own and operate an Inn like those.

Have a great rest of the week my friend!!