November 17, 2008

Headcold Ramblings

I love when the leaves are red...we don't have any in our yard, I actually found these when we were taking pop cans back to the store.
My oldest painted this picture the other day...had to frame it, it is a bird...looks like a crane.

Our new little friend. She spent all day on our back porch on Friday. She always comes over and cries so that we let her in...I confess she has come in the door a few times but that is as far as she gets. You can hear her purring through the door! It is incredibly loud. I love it.

My oldest turns 9 on the 18th!!! We had a little party for him yesterday and this is the only photo that came out perfect. I love making cupcakes/cakes. These weren't from scratch but they were SOOO GOOOD!

And I made a new bag for myself! I LOVE this fabric!! I will post a full photo of it when I get a good one. I made it bigger then what I have been making and it turned out really nice. There is enough to make one more bag with this fabric and when I get another chance to sit down at the sewing machine I will finish it and put it in my shop. is ruff big time right now but I am so incredibly blessed and thankful that we have the Lord to take care of us!! We would fall if we didn't have Him.
"When my world is shaking, heaven stand. When my heart is breaking, I never leave Your hands. Your hands that shaped the world are holding me."-JJ Heller

"Hope means holding on to You...Grace means You're holding me too."-JJ Heller
I love listening to JJ Heller's sweet songs of worship...Her words have been so encouraging to me lately.

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Emily said...

9 is fun. It's still sweet little boy stage, and not sassy teenager stage yet. :) Not that mine is sassy mind you. uh, yeah. That's it.