November 11, 2008

Ants, Work, Christmas O My ;)

Finally got to sleep all night long!! Of course I was woken up before my husband's alarm went off at 6:30. The little munchkin gets up before we do! She was headed for the bathroom but didn't get very far because she noticed that there were tiny ants all over the place!!! My lovely children put their apple cores in the bathroom garbage (I don't know why the kitchen was closer) which brought the ants once again into the room. They come out of the floor vents. My only defence was my hair spray which instantly killed them but now I have to start all over again to get rid of them for good. I swear the little buggers live in our walls!
And of course the rain outside doesn't help. And with my OC habits I will be scrubbing every single nook and cranny in our home the next few days.
They seem to be the tiniest ants out there but they have bigger brothers and I don't want them in the house again either!

I was going to sew today and try and figure out what I am going to make for my children for Christmas, everything I think of takes some money : ( ...I wish I could give them all that they need but at this point there is no money for Christmas. I know that we will be taken care of, the Lord has always blessed us with what we needed each December but the road getting there really sucks, if that is a bad word in your book sorry...I couldn't think of any other. A great gift would be that my husband gets officially hired where he is working! That would be nice. He is doing such a good job there from what I have heard.
Funny I always freak out ahead of schedule...we don't really hit heavy winter until Jan. Feb. sometimes and that is when it really hurts us. But he is at this new job and looks like they don't have winter hours...praise God!! At the old job they had winter hours which meant that he lost an hour of work.
Ok I'm rambling now. Not many care to hear about stuff like that. You want to hear about the ants! Me too. ; ) They will hopefully be gone soon and I am praying that I don't find them anywhere else in the house. We moved into this house with ants already here and it took me a good year to fully get rid of them.

Oh and tomorrow we are having Thanksgiving dinner at our church!!! This is the first time we have done this (the church I mean) It is going to be such an awesome time of fellowship and food and family!! We love our little church...the Lord has blessed everyone there abundantly! I will take my camera and get pictures. I can't wait!! I really do love the holidays...have been listening to Christmas music almost all day every day for the past few weeks! LOVE IT!!!


Mc Allen said...

I know, we are all prob. feeling the effecfts right now. But you are right, God is our provider andHe says not to look to the left or to the right , He will proctect, guide and provide!! Great reminder!! LA

Anonymous said...

Yes, bring your camera! I was thinking of bringing mine as well.
I am really looking forward to the food. Oh, and fellowship as well.