November 10, 2008

Wool Madness and a Sleepless Night

I played in my flickr a bit to bring out the colors in the above photo. My son wasn't very cooperative but it worked out when I didn't show his whole face. He was giving me a dopey look.
This is a scarf/table runner...I know a weird combination of jobs but that is what it is good for.
And I am still staring and refolding this wool fabric below. I just don't know what to do with them. Most all of them could fit a twin size bed. I did think blankets but what should I do to finish them off and they aren't that soft being a wool mix. I thought of adding a soft backing to them and finishing the sides...But I just don't know!!!!
Does anyone have any ideas???

The one here on the left would be a really nice winter wrap skirt...All I would need are buttons. Already have a long slip that would work underneath it...I don't like itchy fabric.
So yup, I could really use some ideas.

I am so tired, didn't get any sleep last night it seemed I was up every 15 min. putting my middle guy back to bed...he keeps getting in our bed at night and it is starting to get old. We tell him to stay in his bed, we always make him go back to his bed at night...but he still does it.

Ok off to eat my homemade tomato's the perfect day for it.

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Emily said...

I like that pinkish wool on the right. It would make a good slouchy purse.