November 5, 2008

We pulled our old 35mm out a few weeks ago, got new batteries and some film and we have been taking pictures with that. Well my husband doesn't like me taking pictures but I sneak some in every once in a while.
Here are a few....

My daughter is fearless. Of course she does have two older brothers.
Every time she falls or hurts herself she jumps up and says, "That was totally awesome!"
Do you think when she is older she will be jumping out of planes??? She is seriously giving her mother a heart attack but I love her excitement and determination in life. I pray that the Lord will send her a man that can put up with her quirky character.
And below is of my most favorite plant in my front yard! I honestly don't remember what it is called but I got it last year as a small little plant and it has quadrupled in size just this year! In the spring it has the tiniest little purple flowers that cover everything and when they fall it is like snow on the ground. I truely love looking at it outside my kitchen window.
Still re-learning everything and learning new things. And hoping to get some really good photos in the future.
Well off to keep cleaning! Have a blessed week.

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Emily said...

Spunky girls tend to marry spunky guys. They'll be a fun couple!

(ahem: Takes one to know one.)