November 4, 2008

What do you do when your anxiously awaiting an important answer???

Today I am anxious about what tomorrow may bring. I have never been this way about any election but I am today.
So what do you do when you are waiting for that life changing answer?
I apparently clean like a mad women.
Closets in the hall are all rearranged and in order,
Boy's room is cleaned and de-cluttered...why they had a whole black bag full of garbage (paper stuff) I will never know, but that is what I took out of their room when we were finished.
Josie cleaned up her room with out complaining but I know I will need to go in there and go through her closet, which is our storage, and clean it out.
Laundry is clean and folded and almost all put away.
Desk here is clean from top to bottom and is now a welcoming sight once again...of course the clutter that was once on the desk is now sitting on the table.
I even had the urge to push out the dining room wall into the garage to enlarge the space, thank goodness we rent or I would have seriously done it the moment I thought of it. ; )
Listened to the Oldies Christmas music channel on our cable...I totally forgot that I could listen to music 24/7 on there!!! WOO HOO Christmas music!!!
So even though I have gotten a lot done...the house is a total disaster there is stuff all over...Need to put it all in the van and take it to Goodwill. I also need to find a place that needs blankets for the homeless or something. They are no good to us here and it isn't right to be holding on to something that someone else could desperately need.
Ok, I am writing as if I am on caffeine but that's not true today. : ) Just anxious. ; )
Oh and did I tell you I vacuumed up a large spider...I am waiting to see if it will return to torment me or just stay in there and die.
Ok really need to go get dinner done the natives are restless!!!!

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Elinor Dashwood said...

Oh my goodness girl, you are doing the EXACT same things I was doing, cleaning and cleaning. Then I stopped to look at what I did, and it looked as if I didn't do a thing!!! We are trying to declutter BIG TIME so we can sell the house soon. What a job huh? Then...when we were watching a movie, a HUGE spider crawled across the living room floor! Eew...we don't have BIG spiders here, at least not like this one. I was totally freaked out. We saw Cody go into a corner he never went in before and when he came out, he kept looking at it. I think he spotted the spider before we did...good dog. I wish HE would have killed it though. I still shudder at the sight of it. Anyhow, this is a sad evening for this country - as far as the election is concerned. The thing is...most people don't know it. My stomach is in knots thinking of the changes that we could see in the future. How sad.

Well, try to have a good Wednesday my friend!! Hugs,