November 2, 2008

The weather changed...

and it is making sore and sleepy. I am so loving the bright beautiful colours that are showing though! That makes things bearable.
Not very talkative I guess all though I do have a lot on my mind. Can't believe it is November already and My oldest will be 9 in a few weeks! Kind of interesting chapter we are heading into, not sure how I am going to handle it. Not that I am going to get all "empty nest, growing up so fast" or what ever you call it when your child gets one year closer to being a teen.

Not really nervous about the elections but wondering what the next few years will bring.

Depression and that down feeling is trying to set does everytime the skies turn grey and wet...I guess you could call it seasonal depression. It just happens, not really a whole lot I can do for it but choose to have a positive attitude each day and remind myself who is in control.
Life is good, my children are healthy, my husband is working, we are being taken care of in all aspects, and the things that are hard now will get easier down the road.

I will take in as much sunshine that comes my way and take in all the beautiful fall colours as long as the wind and rain allow the leaves to stick around for a little while longer. I think they might and I love that!
Off to get some cleaning done...yup, always cleaning. : ) It's good for me ; )
Have a really good week everyone!

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