October 31, 2008

A wet kind of day and rambling...

It is grey and wet out today. It is as if everything is at a stand still outside.
I should be in the mood to do some sewing...but really need to work out first, only because I watched "You are what you eat" on the BBC channel...Man, does that put you in your place.

My husband was a sweety last night and went out and got me a new microwave. Our old one finally died literally the power just wasn't there anymore. He came home with a black and chrome Oster...Very nice!!! And it has an actual handle and not that dumb push lever. I love it!

She looks so pretty sitting on my black corner bookshelves in the kitchen. And you can touch the chrome and it doesn't leave those horrible finger prints! Very cool!!

So Merry Christmas to me. :D

The kids are all better by the way!! Of course my stomach was nauseated for the last few days. I am feeling better today. Missed out on church Wednesday night and Bible Study last night but I am glad I stayed home. Just really glad it is Friday.

Not much else going on...still have the urge to paint whether it's canvas or a wall, want to sew but need to twist my arm to actually do it. Need to start the laundry and clean up around here...wish I could have a burn barrel...it would make life a lot easier around here.

Ok off to hopefully do the things I have to do for today.


Anonymous said...

It is always very exciting to have new items. I have been waiting for our microwave to die. It was a wedding present from sooo many years ago. Who would have thought that something from Wal-Mart would last that long?
Your's is very pretty. Enjoy!

Emily said...

That's weird that you have the urge to paint too! I seriously could think of nothing else lately. I finished my living room tonight. It's a pretty yellow color.