December 15, 2008

Estate Sale and Winter Wonderland

We went to our first estate sale on Saturday because my sister-in-law had called and told me that there was a ton of fabric and stuff. Well I was good and didn't add to my fabric collection...really nothing caught my attention. But there were two boxes of patterns!!! I wanted to buy all of them but couldn't, they were a little spendy for my taste but this is what I came away with and I am excited to maybe concur them down the road. The four to the right are from 1959 and the one on the bottom left is a 1969 pattern!! And I was so excited to find that they were in my size!! The two at the top left are for young girls and are extremely cute!! And I think they were all never used...maybe when the people do another sale I will be able to go and get some more. The house that this all took place in was so cool!!! And there were many other things that I "didn't need" but would have loved to buy.

Our Sunday morning started out like this...

Church was cancelled sadly so chained up the VW and headed over to the In-Law's house so the kids could play with their friends and grandparents. Everything was so beautiful outside. I am not one to play in the snow with everyone...not my thing and my toes were freezing which isn't a good thing. Had a past frost bite and every time I get out in the cold like that I can't feel a few of my toes. I'd rather just watch everyone and take pictures then sneak back inside where it's warmer. ; )

This I just through in because I made it and I love the rustic look of it.
Off to do something productive. Have a blessed day!

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Emily said...

no snow here...and I'm only in the next door state! what's up with that? It's cold enough. 18 degrees right now. But no snow.

oh well.