December 18, 2008

New Dress and Painted Ornaments

I told myself a few months ago that I was going to try and make my girl a dress for Christmas.
I finally did it yesterday. Didn't have a pattern to use so did my best to figure it all out with what little I had.
I am pleased with the outcome of it and she thinks it's absolutely wonderful!
I used a really soft corduroy is almost velvety.

And this morning I allowed (yup, as an artistic person it is really hard to let them do what they want when it comes to crafts) The first is my oldest son's he did it all by himself, I love the pearly paints he used. Second one is mid. son's ornament, all I can think is Charlie Brown...if he used yellow instead of blue. cute. and lastly my daughter's mitten, she likes to use all the colors, I did paint the heart though.
So that is what is going on. The snow has all melted least in our little area...but they say it is going to freeze, which means all the water sitting on the road will be solid for tomorrows commuters. I am glad the weekend is almost here and Christmas is only 7 days away!!!!
I have been waiting and waiting but it just doesn't feel like Christmas this year for me...the excitement that always overwhelms me each year isn't there. Don't know why I feel so melancholy.
Usually I love staring at the tree and all the lights around the area but they just seem worthless this year. I know that the tree and lights aren't what Christmas really means to me but...oh I don't know it is just different this year. Hoping to get excited the closer we get to next Thursday.
Many blessings on your day my friends!


Sleepless Stitch said...

Sorry the pictures are blurry...I think someone dropped my camera...or it is just the caffiene I drank earlier. Dane it. :(

Elinor Dashwood said...

First of all, I can TOTALLY relate to your melancholy feeling! This year I'm just not 'into' Christmas. I will probably regret it next year as this is our last Christmas in this house. It's kinda sad.

I absolutely LOVE the dress you made for your daughter. You are mighty talented girl!!! The ornaments are also very well done - and yes, I can see the Charlie Brown resemblance...but fortunately there was no yellow used. = ) I kind of like the black and blue colors together. Pretty!

Have a great day tomorrow and think of me...we're supposed to be bombarded with a lot of snow over the next few days! I'm not sure if I'm happy or miserable. My son's quiz team party is supposed to be tomorrow night, and Sunday is our special Christmas service at church, but both tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be the worst snow days. Ugh. Hopefully the snow will cheer me up and we'll have fun playing in it!!

Tootles for now,

Emily said...

that dress is beautiful. I'm either happy or sad that it's christmas. Take your pick. :)