December 21, 2008

This is what we had last was bright out side even though it was late at night when I took these. We got up to about 8 inches or even more before the freezing rain hit! There are so many roads closed today it's craziness.
So my sister-in-law and my husband's parents lost power so my man decided to go out and get them this morning...he isn't back yet. Hopefully everything is alright and they will get power soon. Not having power with a baby isn't a good thing.
Everything is so icy.
Yesterday we ventured over to their home because we needed to do something and couldn't take the kids with us. And then everyone went out and played in the snow...I didn't have my camera but I used my mother-in-law's camera so when she gets power maybe I will be able to get the photos. It was funny because all the adults were playing and the kids were inside...along with me...I don't like playing in it anymore.
I did hurt my lower back on the right side and am really sore this morning. Don't know how I did it but I have a really sore spot on the right side on my hip bone in the back...can hardly walk. : (
Anywho it is gorgeous out and I am hoping that tomorrow will warm up a bit so the ice melts off so that my husband can make it to work.
Off to get some more things done. Have a great and safe day!

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Emily said...

We got even MORE snow last night. It was freaky trying to drive yesterady. I really wonder if we will spend Christmas at home this year. There's some major positives of that. ;)