December 22, 2008

Over night goodness...well it's alright as long as it doesn't stick around for to much longer. ; )
I don't think I will be going anywhere soon...this was taken a short time ago...the van has way more snow on it now!! But the snow flakes are getting smaller, still coming down a whole lot but it should taper off soon...I still think we will be getting more this afternoon though.

I sent the kids out so that I could have a photo with them in it.
They aren't heavy enough to totally sink to the ground but they were awfully cute.
The natives are stir crazy I need to go but just wanted to share.


Emily said...

That looks like my house! I've been trapped for 8 days now. Well, the kids have...Jim took me to get groceries and do some errands.

I love snow. Especially when it melts.

Anonymous said...

Good to find you over here!
I have seriously neglected my blog but I can't be bothered to start a new one and I am quite at home there!

Have a great Christmas.
(I'm so jelous of that snow it never sticks here too damp a climate I think.)

Love Sianne.xx (educatingmummy)

Sleepless Stitch said...

Hi Sianne!
So glad you stopped by!!