January 16, 2009


Ok after about three days of teaching myself how to follow directions and read a pattern I finally got going on the hats!! The one above modeled by my guy was the first. The pattern called for ear flaps but I didn't like them so I left them out. This might fit better on a smaller child but he did look awfully cute!
The second one my daughter is wear is from the same yarn but this time I left out one of the whole sections out and then added another two sections to make it a little bigger.
I am still deciding on where I am going to take all of the hats when I am done...Two choices are going through my head. Either a hospital or the rescue mission down town. We will see I have a whole lot of hats to go. I was also trying to figure out what I could do to keep this all going and I think I found my answer...I had also gotten some of that yarn that people make washcloths and potholders with...I am thinking if I make those and sell them then the money I make from those can go back into the materials for making the hats.
I am really excited about all of this and even though my hands hurt and my back is killing me once again, the sciatic nerve, ugh. I am glad I have started this adventure and I am hoping and praying that when people receive these hats that they will be truely blessed and have a better day.

Well off to eat some mint chocolates and croch some more. I am now doing a multi color called 234 pines...it is a wool ease worsted weight and is very soft to the touch. : )


Emily said...

Those are super cute. If you give them to the downtown mission just think about how you're showing Christ to people who are on their last reserves of hope. That gets my vote.

Sleepless Stitch said...

Yup, I am thinking that is where they will go :)
I'm excited about the whole thing!