January 20, 2009

Another One of Those Goodwill Moments

Again I was only going to go to the Post Office this morning to mail off a baby blanket (Sold one yesterday!! What an awesome blessing!) and again a small voice said go into Goodwill...this is the only time I go in is when something tells me I should.
And sure enough sitting there was a matching couch and love seat. And all the seats recline!!!
$74.95 total and they were mine.
I told my husband after I did this...
I said, "Hey honey I got you something that reclines today"
He says, "What really?!?"
I said, "Yup, and you can recline any where you want to."
He says, "What you got me a lawn chair!"

He will like them. We have been sitting on Barbie's couch for a long time and it is time to have grown up furniture.

I also finished a few more hats in these two colors
The one on the right is my favorite so far.

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Emily said...

YOu KNEW that I would come over from my google reader and give you a virtual high five. HOW AMAZING! that they all recline and everything. wow. You get the prize this week for sure!