January 22, 2009

It's Quiet Today

The boys have done their school work, we got a movie out of the way, lunch was served and now the kids are quietly reading/resting. My girl has claimed the love seat and is quietly laying down, I sure hope she falls asleep...she could use the nap. The older is reading to the younger but I don't know how long that will last before an argument rears it's ugly head.
They haven't been getting along very well. It doesn't help when you have a perfectionist and a bossy in the same room. They are definitely individuals.

Still crocheting of course! Up to 7 and one partial. I am now doing (099fisherman) it is a creamy color. It is the one on the top right. If you click the picture you should be able to see it larger.

And the yarn below will be wash cloths and maybe some potholders to give also and put in my etsy shop.

Ok off to get myself together...yup, still in my pj's.

Glad it is Thursday but wish it were Saturday.

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