January 27, 2009


I finally got all my bags (that I had here at home) in my etsy shop. And have decided that all the money from the sales will be going back into getting more yarn for the hats I am making for the rescue mission.
I am already up to hat number 12 and have really enjoyed making the hats! If I can make more then enough then I will be giving some to the children's hospital I think. We will see Lord only knows how far this will go.

Had snow this morning almost got an inch and then it finally stopped! Thank goodness!! It is pretty but I am done with the snow and cold...my daffodils are about two inches out of the ground and I don't know what this weather has done to them...hoping they still come up beautiful as always.

Kids aren't listening today...and are fighting...I know I shared a room with my brother for a really long time and it wasn't that bad...but my children need their own rooms!!!! I am about ready to turn the garage into a room, my husband would be so upset with me if I did that. : )
Anywho, should probably go get my day going...I can't believe it is already a quarter to noon.

Yup, a boring life I live. :)

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