January 29, 2009

Hit WithThe Lonely Bug

I know my life isn't as thrilling as most.
Sometimes I feel as though I have lost who I really am, everything has been set aside. No art classes taken, not a whole lot of outside activities going on, I stay at home and take care of my children...whom I do love dearly.
Yes, I/we have gotten out and done more in the last few years but still I feel that I have lost myself.
And sadly as I am typing now I feel ignored. Why this hits me so hard at times I don't know why.
I would and want to invite people over but what would we do?

We go to church activities through out the week, I hang out with a friend every so often, we have game night with a few of our friends, I am always around people when we are out...but still I feel alone. Sometimes it bites being an adult, "friendships" are so different from childhood. And some of those that I have had a good connection with and consider sweet friends live far away.

Ok I think I am probably feeling sorry for myself but it really hurts.

I'm going to go clean.


Sleepless Stitch said...

Nothing like a good hot shower and some worship music to make things better.

Emily said...

I think more women feel like you do, than not. We all feel alone at times and get melancholy. I tend to feel sorry for myself a lot and wish that I had close sisters and a normal family. I guess friends can become family, right?

Sleepless Stitch said...

Yes, Friends can totally become family I think. :)