January 29, 2009

Got out of that slump quickly...

Tried to get the tired children to lay down and fall asleep but that never happened. But I did put my self in a hot shower and got dressed and turned on some worship music and now I am feeling a lot better...I hate mood swings.

Yesterday we spent the day taking cans back to the store (we got some Taco Bell with the money) and then headed over to the library for some overdue library cards...I should have gotten them a while ago but wasn't ready to take it on. I figured it was time when I found the kids playing library the other day at the table...It was so nice and quiet!
Now we are legit and the kids will be able to find some new books, not that we don't have enough here at home to go through. ; )
Now to start writing down all the books that I have been interested in rea
ding so that I can go online and get them checked out.
I did get the book "Homeschool Your Child For Free" but the websites that I found interesting don't even exists any more or they cost money. That is frustrating...I wonder if the Author will ever write an updated version of the book with links that work.

I still love the Lifepacs but if we can't afford to get more of the curriculum I would like to have some other things easily available for as cheep or even free. I do have a few places. So it is just getting it all worked out. Glad we got our library cards that will help I just ne
ed to stretch my brain and be creative.

Can you believe that February is about here! Would really love to go see my parents soon. Hoping my mom will be able to come up here in March so we can spend some girl time together for my Birthday. Also gearing up for the women's retreat in March, which just happens to fall on my Birthday, last year it fell on Thomas' Birthday so we did a party together and had a sweet time with our friends and family. One packed living room. Some day maybe it will be warm enough that we can all be outside. Don't know what we will do this year...I think he might expect a party. You know once you start that is what has to happen every year. : )
I don't mind it has gotten easier for me each year to allow so many people in our home at once.

You know I am really loving the sunshine around here.
Unfortunately it does show all the dust laying around. ; )

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