January 5, 2009

On This Cold Day

Getting the boy into the routine of doing his school work isn't working out so well today. He did his math work and now is in on his bed taking a nap, he has been really whiny this morning, Sometimes I wonder how well my kids sleep at night...I know that I have times where my sleeping is all off. Hopefully he will wake up in a better mood so that he can get the rest of his work done. (I was wrong, but he is still sitting down and doing it)

That book I had mentioned getting, "Have a New Kid By Friday How to change your child's Attitude, Behavior and Character in 5 days" By Dr. Kevin Leman
Is really good! Everything was spoken simply and was encouraging to me. I think this is more geared towards the older children and adults that have moved back in to their parent's home, but I did get a lot of helpful tips out of it...I also sat and read each day within about 3 or so hours and then read through his "A to Z Game Plans that really work" and need to reread the Epilogue that is called "Fun Day" that is when you start using all that you have learned through the chapters (days) I also found it very entertaining and funny in some sections.
I would recommend this book even if it is just to use as a refresher. I think I might look for his other book also, "Making Children Mind With Out Losing Yours".

Looks like I will be getting the yarn and needles I ordered in a week. Wish they were getting here sooner but I will try and contain myself. I am just so excited about this new adventure I will be doing this year!! I love giving to others when I am able and this is going to give me so much enjoyment!! I'm light hearted just thinking about it. Pray that all goes smoothly and that the Lord leads me in the direction He wants me to go and that the enemy will stay out of it. : )

Side Note...
Our power went out the other night and I got to use one of the gifts my hubby gave me for Christmas! A set of three candles, you can choose whether you want a red light or a green light and to work them all you have to do is blow on them and that is what turns them on or off!! isn't that the coolest things. They even smell good and have real wax!
He also got me this cool loose leaf tea pot!
All you do is add the loose leaf tea of your choice (I used the flowering tea) add your hot water let steep for as long as you choose then set the pot on top of your mug and the water pours into your cup! There is a filter on the bottom so no loose leaves in your cup!
He got all my gifts from http://www.thinkgeek.com/ He even got me a cool thermometer that sticks to the outside of the window and digitally gives you the proper temp.
Yup, we are in a heat wave ; )
Anyhow I'm not as gloomy as I was heading into this new year and I am trying to keep my eyes on what is important this year which is family and my relationship with the Lord. I am going to try and do the reading the bible in a year...missed a couple days and then had to make them up, it wasn't so bad...it was actually really good and I am already learning things that I hadn't learned the last time reading.
Do you think He might return this year!?! I think if the U.S. turns their back on Israel we are going to be in a whole lot of trouble.

Well hope everyone has a good day and rest of the week! Oh and my etsy shop is open for business again. I will being adding more items as soon as I get some of my bills paid down or off which ever comes first. : D You can find my shop on my blog here at the bottom.

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Anonymous said...

Cold Day! It was nice a balmy out today =) 50 degrees is warm.