January 8, 2009

Rwanda!!! Really!!!?!!!

I got some really sweet news today! A wallet I had made last year was sold from my mom and dad's store...that isn't the sweet part...IT IS GOING TO A GIRL IN RWANDA as a precious gift!!! My mom also has one of her "bitty birds" going with the wallet!
Isn't that so cool! A child's heart will be blessed. What a huge encouragement to me. It doesn't matter about the money, I don't care about that. It is the fact that a child's day will be lightened with a smile.
I am just a person who loves to make things with her hands yet I have hand made items all over the world! Australia, U.K., Canada and many more places. A piece of my heart in all these places... I wonder what else I can do. Who knows what else could happen this year! I am excited and blessed. Still no yarn in the mail yet but I get more and more excited for the day to come so that I can start in on it. The Lord is good!

I am also excited to see what happens in my zazzle shop (you can get to my shop at bottom of page) sales have started to show up more and more. It isn't much but it's a start.

Well the sun is doing it's best to shine through the grey clouds that have moved in and I am truly grateful. It's Thursday which means Bible Study night!!! So excited to get back into it. Tonight will be hard for a few tonight because we are in Colossians 3: 18- 4:1 and the talk of submitting to one's husband. But I pray that ears would be open and that the message would be sweet to our hearts.

There is less whining about school work as the days have gone by but it is still there. It will get better and that makes me happy.

Off to make some lunch and maybe I should get out of my pj's...I can't help it they are comfy ; )
Have a blessed day my friends!

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