February 2, 2009

Coffee seems to be my strong drink lately.
Kids are coming into a new chapter in their lives and I am not coping well with it.
Longing, Oh so longing for Spring and Summer to come.
Don't ever believe the groundhog or our states hedgehog at the zoo.
It felt like we lived in London this last week...it was constantly foggy and moist out. It would have been nicer if we had really been there...where we live isn't always beautiful. ; )

Looking into the Charlotte Mason method. So far it is really intriguing and I love her boldness when it came to schooling children.

I think we have a mole in our yard??? Not sure and have never seen hills in anyone else's yard...we have lived here over 5 years and have never had moles! I'm confused.

Need to clean my house...it is a disaster!!!
Mondays are my do nothing days but it seems to be over flowing into the days after.

Have had a few friends tell me I need to do something about my hormones...I feel loved...my husband says I am only normal a few days a month...Am I that bad!?! ; )
Just got something they better be happy...

Watched the Super Bowl yesterday even though we don't watch it during the season...unless the brother-in-law is around. It was a good game but the silence after was priceless...yes we were rooting for the Cards.

Got a new computer and now I don't know where the jack is to get my pictures off of my camera, there aren't a whole lot sadly enough...haven't been taking any photos lately.

I'm hungry so are the kids...gonna go eat now... : )

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