February 10, 2009


Haven't been around here for a while. Spend most my time on Facebook
or with my face in a book. ;)

Woke up to snow falling on the ground but has quickly turned to rain...we got a cold week this week. Everyone is so ready for Spring and Summer to show up. But we can not hold our breath any longer.
School, what can I say about school, it is happening here and there...we have done a lot of reading and narrating of books and the actual work book work is getting done here and there. I am currently reading about Charlotte Mason...as I have probably mentioned in previous posts. I would love to just buy her books and the others to have on hand for future reference if needed.

Funny how our worlds get turned upside down for moments at a time...I am feeling all out of whack lately trying to figure out what I am doing and what I am going to do. I think I am feeling the need for some Spring cleaning...my world is all cluttered and it needs to be simplified...that is mostly regarding our home.
I think I need to take a whole day or maybe two to get everything deep cleaned and in order...
have some furniture pieces that should probably part with...Lots to do.

Well should go the kids have been watching a movie and I need to get them motivated to do something else.
Good Day! : )

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