April 28, 2009


Life is interesting.
Things have been different around here. Husband not working, but doing work for others and being blessed by it. I thank God that he knows how to do the things he does! The Lord has been most definitely providing for us in so many ways. Our bills are paid, food is on the table and we still have a roof over our heads.
Learning to let go of the things that do not matter. And it may hurt for a second (like giving up my most favorite fabric) but it lightens the load that we carry. Everything is in His hands and I love that He is in control and not ourselves because we would be a complete wreck if we took the wheel.
Paul has an interview Wednesday at Safeway and if it's the Lord's will, he will have a job by the end of this week or next week! I have no worries, everything will work out! And that is a really good feeling. OH I definitely have had my "flipping out" moments but they are so short and far between!
It is funny sitting here writing this...I just realized that the Lord has been preparing me for this moment!! Growing up my life was worry and fear...the last few years + the Lord has been teaching me that I have no need for these two things and I have learned to just trust in Him and have faith in times like this. And I have been completely blessed beyond anything I could have every imagined!!
His timing is really so much better then ours and we only need to trust and have faith and He will show us those little blessings He has given us. We need to remember them for those times that will come in the future and it will be easier to let go the next time.

HE is in FULL CONTROL!! Praise be to God!!

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