May 8, 2009

Over Five Years

Have we seriously been in the same place for over five years!?!?!
I was looking over photos today and couldn't believe how many changes we have gone through year to year, heck sometimes it was month to month!
We as people have not only changed but our surroundings have too, we started out with very little and now have more then we really need. I think that might be one reason why I liked moving as a child...we always got to in a way start over again. Now the old and new collide and it sure does make a big mess when it does.
I don't know that I want to do another garage sale...but I might try putting some furniture online...First though I need to do some manicures on some of the furniture to make it worthy enough to sell.

I haven't touched my fabric in a while or even looked at it for that matter. At some point I will be ready to get on that boat again...there are some things I need to make.

The Lord has me going in a new direction it seems. The kids will be going to school in the Fall and that could mean me getting a job. Don't know if my husband will have a firm job by then but we can only pray and hope.
These days are really stressful and hard on everyone and I hope that we can all come out of this stronger.

And where did my children suddenly get all this energy from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not keep up and it is really honestly driving me insane!!! ; ) I need a whole bucket of Calgon to take this away, at least for the weekend. ; )

Happy Mama's Day my friends, I hope you have a Blessed weekend!

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