June 3, 2009

~The garden will slowly grow~
We have a cherry tomato plant already in the ground and the little flowers are starting to grow!!

Then the other day we went out and I got this beautiful dark Basil, there are actually three different kinds and they all smell so incredible!!

And to add to my very small collection of mint, my husband, who can't stand mint, let me get two plants! The one on the left is Spearmint and the one on the right is Chocolate Mint...
OH how I LOVE Chocolate Mint!!

So the garden is slowly growing. Of course it won't all be in the same spot because honestly I haven't put an area for the garden together but hoping to get some pots and dirt to have them on the patio within reach!


Emily said...

Besides adore the small...what do you use the chocolate mint for?

Sleepless Stitch said...

I honestly don't know...maybe a garnish to ice cream. Haven't really thought about it, I sure it could be used in a lot of things. :)
I really do love the smell though!
When I'm stressed I rub the leaves between my fingers and just stand there for a minute and inhale.