June 5, 2009

A little pathetic but it will look better when it fills out.

Yesterday it was beautiful out!The kids played in the water, I finally decided to get out the shovel and dig up a section behind the tomato plant in the garden box...there are two one is totally over grown with grass and weeds and the other has a small section that didn't have anything but ants... killed most the ants at the beginning of the month. Anyways dug up the ground a bit and then planted the basil...All was nice. Sat in the sun with my girl next to me holding my hand, I do love those precious moments we share... she is usually playing with my hair as she sits with me.Then we all came in because the kids were starting to fight and get cranky.Just in time for the severe Thunderstorm that hit with out a warning. The kids got a kick out of... I opened up the slider and front door and we just sat and listened to it. The boys sat and counted the lighting strikes and the thunder.I did go out and check on the basil and it seems to have stood up to what the weather had thrown at it.
So besides the fact that my hormones are a bit out of control all in all it was a pretty good day.

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Emily said...

Cool tattoo!!! I know that it wasn't about your post, but you should take a picture of it!