June 10, 2009

Of course I have the photos back wards.... Yesterday I was out mowing the front lawn for my guy because he has been working really hard the past few weeks and doesn't ever have time. Of course I am paying for it today and can hardly type but it is all worth it for my guy!

The basil, at least this one started to bloom... I don't remember what this one was called but it has a spicy smell!!! SO YUMMY! I took the photo then my mother-in-law said I needed to get rid of the flowers because it will take the nutrition away from the leaves and stem.
The tomato plant is doing well also... I think this is the first photo I have taken of it's flower fully open. Very beautiful actually.

Did this yesterday also. Fred Meyers had strawberries 4 lbs for $5.00 I thought that was a great deal! So I cut them up and put them in freezer bags. YUM!

Tuesday my friend came out in the afternoon and picked the kids and I up to head to the library.
They have a neat little area with a pond and ducks and there are a couple little nutrients (beaver/rat looking things) So after we got some books we walked down and let the kids hang out for a little bit. My big guy wasn't in these but I had to post them anyways. I love how the two photos above turned out!

If you look really close in the photo on the left you can see the beaver/rat thing. I think you can click on the picture and it will give you a better look. And those yellow iris were so pretty!

So it has been a pretty good week so far. The rain is here again though and I feel like a mag truck hit me (from yesterday) but I can say it's been pretty nice.

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