June 15, 2009

It has turned out to be quite a beautiful day!
Sun is shining, coffee brewed and in my mug, all three children actually taking a nap!
Silence is Golden and I love it!

Started the weekend off by cleaning the church (my Friday job) It was a mess... We share a building with multiple churches and a day care and last week they had graduations ALL week!
My friend came and helped me and the kids helped out also.
After that we got some Taco Bell, got the kids in bed then we sat and watched Laverne & Shirley late into the night. It was good times!
My man didn't have such a good day... They had 8 windows to install at a place and only got one window done... measurement problems and the guy he works with is always late so they didn't get started till late late in the morning.

Saturday was going to be a lazy day, didn't do much.
Our mini van died and can not be revived. Which is fine because we didn't have any breaks.
I'm so glad the brakes didn't go out while I was driving it! They stopped working in the driveway. So now I have no transportation to speak of. But the Lord is so good and He is definitely providing even if we can't see it quite yet.

Sunday, went to church... Worship was incredible!!! I tried my best not to cry but to hear the room filled with hearts of praise touched my own heart. I swore I could hear the angels singing with us... Do you ever have those moments during worship at church?? It sounded like there were thousands of people there... truly a sweet moment! My friend thought the same thing and she sings with the worship team.
After church and a bit of fellowship with those around us. We headed out to the store for some food items and while we were out a gal that works at my husband's other job text him and asked him if he was still interested in buying her VW bug because she had to get it out of her sister's driveway NOW! So he went and got it. She is allowing us to make payments which is awesome and it is exactly what Paul has been looking at for the past few months.
The VW is the cutest little thing... She needs a few body parts and a little makeup but she runs great and the parts are really cheap!!
AND there is a sticker in the back window that says, "Peas and Carrots"!!
I love it! Nothing like a VW with a good since of humor.
Our VW Micro Bus has a license plate cover that says, "National Atheist Day... April 1st"
We are still looking at getting another car that will fit all of us + more but that will take a little longer.

And as for today... The ladies from church walk every summer, so today was our first day... We are starting off with two miles but once we get going a few of us will get up to 4 + miles and maybe even some jogging... we will see how my body holds out. It is great for the kids also because they have play equipment to play on while we walk. I will take some photos when I get a chance. We are also starting a summer bible study on Psalms... I am so glad because I never liked taking long breaks from bible study.
Looks like I'm going to be pretty busy this summer!

And I have tomatoes growing!!! I hate to eat them but they are SO pretty!!


Emily said...

A reliable vehicle is good, no matter WHAT size it is! I drive a 4 door truck. Very annoying and small, but it's what we have, so whatever...

Sleepless Stitch said...

True =)