June 17, 2009

Sort of feeling gloomy today... it hit late last night like a hurricane.
Physically I haven't been doing well... I did do some research on Lupus because it runs in my family... My mom and her grandmother both have/had it, great grandma passed many years ago. It looks like I have a few things going on that point to it but in order to confirm it there has to be at least 4. I wish there was one blood test to find out, but right now they have to do multiple tests and even then it is hard. Because it is an autoimmune disease

This week has been pretty good though. Started our woman's summer walking on Monday. We walk Monday-Wednesday and then on Friday. Thursday morning we will be having Bible Study this summer for the first time. I'm glad... never liked having so much time in between.
The kids enjoy it because they all get to play on the play structures while we walk and then they get to hang out during Bible Study. SO lots of interaction with others.

Our big thing around here lately has been The Hardy Boy's and Nancy Drew Mysteries.
We have, so far, seen Seasons 1 & 2, we have listened to one of three audio books and have a book waiting at the library. My oldest loves it and I am getting a kick out of it also... I have never seen the t.v. shows before and never had the privilege as a child to read any of the books.

Well the sun is shining and I lost what I was going to say... So I guess I'm off to read and maybe figure out what we will be having for dinner. Some old friends, who are moving up from Cali to live in Vancouver will be showing up sometime today. They might be staying with us for a little bit... they still haven't been able to find a place to live but have jobs waiting for them when they get there. So praying that it all works out for them.

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