June 20, 2009

Sad little rhino...
Feel like this rhino often... working so hard yet things never seem to change.

House full of friends this week, sharing one bathroom, older kids keeping an eye out on younger kids.... actually getting my children to play the quiet game for almost an hour!!!!!!! THIS NEVER HAPPENS! And it was so nice to have complete silence and of course hilarious to see how the kids figured out how to communicate without their voices.
It has been nice. =)

Completely exhausted... weather is being strange... husband working so hard and is also exhausted... Tomorrow is Father's Day... gift already prepared... most of the day will be spent at In-Laws... don't really want to go at this moment in time but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Walked all but once this week... started off bad but next week should go better.
Thought I was ready for the Summer craziness with the constant doing of things... But I'm not, this mama needs "down time"

huh, I feel like I've been running on that treadmill...

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