July 21, 2009

It was one long weekend with a few long week days.
Saturday we headed out early to the mall for the grand opening of the new Star Wars Store... Waited an hour and had a really sweet time seeing the excitement in the kids faces when they got to see actual characters walking around and talking with them!

Then my friend and I took my girl off to Barnes & Noble for a Fancy Nancy Party...

It was so very sweet to see all the girls dressed to the nines. They had a little fashion show so that the girls could show off their outfits and then listened to a story, played Fancy Nancy Bingo, colored and made paper bows for their hair and then had some sweet little sugar cookies from the Starbucks.

This was my girl getting her Bingo paper ready for the game.
It was her Birthday so this was a sweet gift for her and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her which made it all the more special.

Sunday was the big Birthday Party.
She celebrated in style and we had a wonderful time with our friends and family out in the warm, well, hot sun... there was a breeze but it was so much nicer then everyone trying to squish in the house... which usually happens for our other Birthdays because they are either during the wet season or the cold season.
All in all it was a very busy weekend for me!!

Monday morning went walking with the gals then our friends came over to do laundry and hang out all day... it was pretty nice, but still I was so tired and ready just to vegg...
Today though it doesn't seem like I have had any down time. But the difference is...
my children are quiet today!
Got my laundry done, worked out for over an hour... I will probably feel it tomorrow but it did make me feel good doing it even though I started out sore. Got the sewing project finished for a friend, still have to do the dishes but that is not one of my favorite things to do... so it makes it hard to get into it and just do it.
It's gorgeous out... but I have been in it a lot this weekend and yesterday.
Of course I have no tan to prove it and am really longing to go down the street and lay in the tanning bed for a little while.

Well need to go and try and get at least most of the dishes done so that I can messed it all up again with dinner prep.

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