July 23, 2009

Is having one of those "feel sorry for myself" kind of moments. Little things have set it off and I hate it when that happens. Guess I could say I am still struggling with Friendships/Friends and what it really means and who can I really call a Friend and who do I consider just an acquaintance. I am one who doesn't usually just throw myself out there and call everyone who speaks to me or takes the time, a friend... I have been hurt to many times. So it takes me a while to consider someone a true friend. Yes, there are times that I have called someone "friend" but even then I feel a part of me step back a bit with caution.

Friendship isn't like what it was when we were kids... As adults things change and sometimes not in a good way especially now days.

I am looking up stuff on Friendship/Friends... So I headed over to www.biblegateway.com
and then I found www.gospel.com
There is a lot there that is pretty good.

Well I'm off to get in the word and get my focus off of self.

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