July 24, 2009

This morning the boys were singing the Imperial March... it sounded really good! They both took on their own notes and harmonized with each other!!
Wish I had sound on my camera or I would have recorded it. :(

It's Friday... doing the usual cleaning at the church so nothing else will get totally done around here.
Don't know how the weekend is going to go but I should have photos next week of our adventure if things go as planned.

Tired... Did get my workouts done the last three days!! That feels good, I already notice a difference in my face. Did Turbo Jam and I have to say that is one of the funnest work out programs EVER!! I highly recommend this one, it's easy and upbeat. I actually do a few of the sections because it doesn't feel like a work out. The trainer is sweet and the music is fun!

Oh need to go and get breakfast finished... the kids are hungry.

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Emily said...

I would like Turbo Jam I think...anything to keep me interested in working out. ;)