July 27, 2009

Monday and it's gonna get hot around here! Up to 100 +
So air conditioners on and we will pretty much be hanging out on the inside... I might have the kids go out in the pool before it gets to hot so they can have some fun.

I was planning on cleaning rooms and kitchen and doing a work out... but things don't ever seem to go the way I had planned. So I guess today we will be what it will be.
This weekend was fun...Family day trip up to Astoria and then down the coast line to Can
non Beach!!! We saw Mikey's house from the Goonies and of course a few other places that were in the movie!!

And headed over to the Columbia River Maritime Museum... I love this museum!! It is well worth the money spent I think.

Then in Cannon Beach we did what apparently the rest of Oregon did and headed for the water...
There were so many people but it was nice for the kids to be able to play in the water a bit before heading back home to the humid heat

It was a nice trip that we don't get to take often and it all happened in one day and it was a beautiful day filled with memories I hope the kids will remember for a very long time!

Now the week has begone and we have things to do around here to get ready for August... Hard to believe this year is almost over with only 5 more months to go... I wonder what the next few month will bring. *thoughtful* =)

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