July 2, 2009

The summer heat is finally showing up today... thought I was going to sit out for a bit as I did the day before but doesn't look like that is happening... still in my pajamas and it is almost noon.
Having a hard time waking up in the morning so spend most of it on the couch in deep sleep after I get up with my man before he goes to work. Haven't had this sleep pattern for a long time... hoping it goes away before the kids have to go to school or I'm gonna be in some big trouble.

Walking started a few weeks ago and I have only gone one week... It's a little frustrating but what can one do. I will just do my working out and home and walk when I am able to.
Our church started a "biggest loser challenge" I think there are almost 40 people getting involved!! Our first weigh in was last Sunday... I thought I was going to weigh a lot, but when I stood on the scale I was shocked to find out that I have lost 8 lbs and we hadn't even started yet!!! I don't know what this Sunday will bring but I am doing my best to remember to eat and to do a work out activity.

My baby girl will be turning 6 in a few weeks... while my friend and I were walking the Mall the other day we found that the day of her Birthday Barnes & Noble will be having a Fancy Nancy Party, so I called and let them know we will be there... AND they are opening a Star Wars store the same day so the boys and their daddy will be able to go to that!!! I think it will be a sweet surprise for the kids.
I'm just praying that it all works out.

Well, I think I am ready to get dressed and get this day moving forward. Praying for my husband who has to work out in the hot sun!! He doesn't do to well when he gets really hot.
Have a good day!

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Emily said...

How did you lose 8 lbs without trying? NO FAIR.

I'm trying to lose and I stepped on the scale today and had gained! ugh. Makes me wanna give up. :()