July 5, 2009

These really have nothing to do with anything but I thought we could use some pictures. =)

Weigh in was this morning... I knew I gained, because I didn't do a whole lot this last week, but I thought I had gained at least 3 lbs...
Thank goodness I didn't!! I did gain but it was only .2 lbs.
This week though I will be walking in the mornings again and hopefully will get some work outs done. Really tired of feeling bulgy and tired all the time...
need more energy and this will help me a lot!

Our 4th was pretty good... it seemed like a long day but it was pretty laid back. We went over to his parent's house as we always do, the kids all played, the adults sat in the house and enjoyed the air conditioner, then around 8 I think it was we all went out and the guys set up the display of cheesy fireworks... Don't you think it interesting that all the fireworks do the exact same thing yet they all have a different name on them?. The neighbors on the other side of the house had the illegal fireworks and they were going off right above the house... we were all watching them instead... it was funny when the guys realized this and said something... we got a kick out of it. =)
Would have had photos but I left my camera at home!!! It was a depressing moment :(
I did get to take some with my mother-in-law's camera but don't know when I will get any of them emailed to me... will most likely need to take over something to download them onto.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend... Feeling some pain and swelling in my body but it will be a bit cooler this coming week. I wish I had insurance, I would go to the doctor and see if we could get some blood work done to either confirm Lupus or not.
Or it could just be arthritis and nothing more...

Well off to hang with the kids and eat before I send them off to bed... OH how I love bedtime!! ;)


randi said...

We did the cheesy fireworks in the yard thing too. The dads get into more than the kids!

Have you tried going to an herbal or natural health practitioner? They are often less expensive and their remedies really work. I wish you the best in figuring out what is wrong!

Sleepless Stitch said...

Yes they do ;)

My family does have a herbal/health specialist... I just haven't gone because we can't afford it... but I am looking at doing the most natural thing I can do.

Thank you =)