July 9, 2009

Feeling better today despite not being a morning person and waking up achy.
Have been trying to think of creative things to write about but nothing ever seems to come up anymore. What an uninteresting life we live over here.
This week our oldest headed down south with his grandparents to visit his great grandma for three days. Monday we went walking, Tuesday worked out, Wednesday headed out to see the free movie with the younger two... we watched "The Pirates who don't do anything movie" was surprised that the theater filled up so fast and those that showed up late had to go watch the other free movie they were showing. Today I was going to work out but can't find the DVD that I had planned on following :( So I have a choice to make... do I wait for my husband to get home to help me find it and just not work out today or do I pull out the other DVD I have and do that, which is harder.
Or I could get a good work out by deep cleaning the whole house... Think we might go with the house cleaning... it is in desperate need of cleaning out!

Big J came home from GGrandmas and they all have been fighting ever since... Gotta go stop the war going on in the other room... Have a good day!

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