September 28, 2009


Almost finished with the month of September... My how time has flown right out the window. The kids are doing very well in school! And are excited to go every day. I'm finally feeling better... it has been over a month of having the crud but it is finally losing the battle. The oldest and youngest had it also but seem to be doing a whole lot better also... It's going around and I am not excited about that one bit, but I have been giving them the new kid's version of VEMMA and that should keep them strong. 
A lot has gone on this month... Husband turned 30, kids starting school, breaking a Guinness World Record at the annual Pirate Festival (I have photos in my flickr account), and Paul getting more window work. I'm praying that he stays busy through the winter also! 
Having some time alone during the day has given me a chance to get things in order around here... it is slow going because of being sick but I'm hoping it will pick up quickly. I have cobwebs all over the house! I'd say everything needs some polishing.

Well I'm am off to start dinner... I'm thinking some homemade spaghetti sauce and pasta for tonight.
Have a beautiful Fall day!

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