October 25, 2009

The things kids bring home...

One day at a time. Baby steps always going forward and never looking back.
Don't know why I just wrote that but it was in my head. 

One thing I should have thought of before I put my children in school was all the fun stuff they would bring home with them from the other children. 
The all famous head lice!! 
My daughter who is in Kindergarten brought home the nice letter on Thursday stating that one of the children in her class had it and we needed to keep an eye on our child for the next few weeks... well apparently she already caught the bug because Saturday morning as I was flat ironing my hair I found the bug on myself! OK someone with OCD would not do well with this... I completely flipped out and made everyone through EVERYTHING out in the garage even the things that weren't necessary. I yelled at my husband to get his butt to the store for the lice kit as I jumped in the shower and proceeded to hold my head under pure hot water. 
After I got out of the shower the door bell rang... Praise God because it was the chemical free shampoo I had ordered the day she brought the letter home. So again I headed for the shower to wash my hair once again and then all three of the kids. My husband got home and we then used the kit on all of us. And after the whole process only found two bugs and nothing else! That made me happy but then I had to do the massive pile out in the garage.
Was up till almost midnight and wasn't even half way done with everything... So this morning didn't go to church, it is about 1:00 pm and I still have a massive pile left. 

All I can do is laugh and be happy that we all don't have the flu... of course I don't know which one would be the less evil of the two.

I will continue to wash my hair and the kid's hair with the shampoo for the next week or so because I really don't want to deal with this again EVER! 
It is nice to have everything clean though... I shouldn't see anymore laundry for the next week if I'm lucky. =) hahahaha so unnecessary!

I really can't complain... It could be worse.

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a friend to knit with said...

oh my gosh....
i am SO sorry.
i KNOW how your world can be turned upside down from those tiny little bugs!!!