November 20, 2009

More Life

“Peace is to be found in the acceptance of things we are unable to change.” —Author Unknown

And boy do I have a lot I can't change right now! Even through my struggles I become stronger through His grace!! We are some pretty loved kids! ♥

I posted this on facebook today and thought I'd post over here also.

Life has been one crazy ride these last weeks... I have to say I feel completely defeated but the Lord is getting me through it and I am learning to adjust. 

Still struggling with daughter and head lice... she is "one" they really like and it is a constant battle to keep them in check. No one else has gotten it and I am grateful for that, but my poor girl having to sit through all of this each night is sad. I even ended up cutting her hair off.

  She is so stinkin' adorable with it short so I guess it all worked out, but I'm to the point where I'm thinking it still isn't short enough... I just don't want to go there. She needs hair. ;0)

But that is the least of my problem... my youngest son ended up with HFMD! 

Talk about discouraging... discouraged to the point that yesterday I felt like the worst mother on the face of the earth. It isn't anything we did or didn't do. It just happened. My children have always been around other kids but now they are around many and it is hard to see them go through this. 

He is doing really well though! I started putting vitamin E and my MSM lotion on the infected areas and it has kept the rash from spreading and it is actually starting to clear up pretty fast. I told him not to use the hand sanitizer at school anymore because seriously it has been used to much on every body... our bodies are less able to fight sickness if we keep using that and anything antibacterial. Stick to the good ol' cleaners. 

As for the lice... I checked out a few different websites that sell natural shampoos and such and made my own... in a spray bottle of water I put tea tree oil, peppermint, and rosemary (some of the items found in most of the shampoos and stuff on these websites) I just started spraying everything down with it today and I will be spraying my daughters hair with it daily and her back pack and such. 

We will get through this! there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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