November 13, 2009

Thank giving in a couple weeks... and surprisingly I haven't gotten in the mood to bake! I always get in the mood to bake come October... everyone I know though is on a "diet" so who knows whats going to be on the table this year. It is somewhat disappointing that the traditional dinner has gone out the window. It makes me sad.
Who knows maybe something will click and the baking will happen... pumpkin pie and cookies of different kinds... make for great gifts.

My girl has been home from school since Thursday with a cold... she is restless and has done some work books we have sitting around and of course those wonderful shows like Word World... which I don't mind watching one bit. =)

Have a few more people to get/make gifts for... but really struggling as to what to get for the kids... I just don't know anymore, have seen some really neat things online, my guy wants to get some science type electric thing for our oldest so that the two of them can work together on it.
Our middle guy wants a guitar strap and stand for his guitar... so I guess the two are taken care of when we can go out and do this. But as for our 6 yr old girly girl... I just don't know. She does love babies...maybe we will go that route... still not sure. I love this time of year because we get to give to others, the "getting" just isn't as important and I love that!

Well I must go eat and get this house cleaned up for the weekend... book club will be here tomorrow and this place needs to be presentable. 

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