December 29, 2009

My Etsy Shop...

Got my etsy shop reopened!
Added a few of the scarves I crocheted and there will be more to come... Next week when the kids are back in school I will be adding the others that I have hopefully, it cost to post so this better be worth it, at least that is what I think sometimes, it is always worth it to be able to make a little cash on the side and put a smile on people's faces.
There will be more scarves and a few fabric baby blankets that have been sitting here with my sewing machine waiting to be put together... Super cute fabric too!!

I can say my sewing machine is feeling neglected and the dust is piling up as we speak. Hopefully this to shall pass and all will be well and crafty around here once again. Winter can be such a killer of things... I'm ready for some warmer sunshine!
Off to clean because if that doesn't get done then everything I typed above can not happen.


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