December 29, 2009

weekend ramblings...

What a long Holiday weekend!
Christmas turned out pretty simple and laid back. 
No traditional meal but the Enchilada's and Puerco Pibil were so amazing! I got over the whole lack of tradition half way thru the day. :) 

My guy loves the rings I got for us!

Stainless Steal and black! We haven't had a nice set of rings since we got married... our first set were little silver bands we got from a cart in the middle of the mall! These new ones are just a little bit more but still a great deal! 
It amazes me how much our hands change as we get older! My finger went from a size 5 to a size 7... I still have my first band and I can't believe how tiny it was! 

This morning I woke up with my birthday wish list... It isn't till March... this is a first for me... but these are things I need more then want.
A cookie scoop, candy thermometer, nice wooden spoons, and a JoAnn's gift card... 
I guess if I "wanted" something it would be gift cards for clothes and coffee.

The kids are ready to go back to school... My middle guy did tell my guy why he didn't want to go to school... "Because it doesn't leave time for him to do what he wants." In his world he would get to do what ever he wanted without any responsibilities or rules. How do I teach him that this is not true for anyone? I have a feeling he is going to be like I was as a kid... and that is scary. I had more of a rebellious heart but didn't put it into major actions such as drugs/drinking or s*x.
It started at 7 and I didn't get my act together till I was 16/17 
Oh LORD! I don't want him to be like that!! 

OK don't know why I went in that direction... 
Anyways the weekend was long but a good one and now it is time to get things in order around here and get back to the grind. Hard to believe 2010 is just around the corner. Hope everyone has a safe New Years!


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