December 16, 2009

Sugar coated gum drops VS. Candied burnt peanuts

Sugar Coated Gum Drops and Candied Burnt Peanuts...
My son is using these to decorate his graham cracker house at school. He kept them in his back pack for some reason, who knows why, and this morning before we left the house to walk to the bus stop he got into his bag to check something and found a nice surprise.... ANTS!! 

And what do you suppose ants like? The gum drops or the candied peanuts? 

I'm not going to tell you... you have to guess.

So we calmly took every thing out of his bag and my husband grabbed the vacuum cleaner... because that is the best way to kill a bunch of ants at one time... I went through all the candy to make sure the ants hadn't gotten into the bags and then zip locked everything including the graham crackers.... I do wonder though, if I hadn't asked him what he was doing in his bag, if he would have said anything about it. hmm?

So yes, one crazy morning in the house and I'm all worn out... I really don't feel like working out at all today... don't even think I can twist my arm to do so... So I will watch the 1938 version of A Christmas Carol and read Little Women and maybe even do my dishes.

The sky was clear until 9:35 am and now it is back to a down pour... Oh Lord, please make it stop in time for me to go get my daughter from the bus stop!! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Oh my you had a morning didn't you? I know not to you but to a reader that story made me laugh. Of course if that happened to myself I wouldn't think it was that funny. Hope you stay cozy and dry! Have fun watching your movie.

Nic-e said...

Oops forget to leave my name!