December 15, 2009

Fa la dee da da

Haven't gotten my work out in yet today... really wanting to make some fudge or just eat some! 
The weather isn't right for making fudge though and the ingredients aren't in my house, 
so I will just dream of it... just not the same. :/

They say 90% rain today... duh! It hasn't stopped raining since yesterday, but we have to look at the bright side of all of this nasty weather, at least it is a lot warmer.

4 more days and the kids will be off school for Christmas break... still waiting for my box from Jo Ann's to show up and then we will have some fun making crystal-snowflake. I'm actually really excited about this craft! Need to think of some other things the kids can do to keep busy while they are home... I guess I could be nice and let them in my kitchen to make cookies... don't know why they will just go to my hips... 

Oh to be young again. 

Off to work out before I get sideswiped by something else.
Good Day!


MelissaSamson said...

Amber and I are making Peanut butter and regular fudge today!! As well as homemade marshmallows and maybe homemade caramels! :) Mmmmm!

Sleepless Stitch said...

YUM... You'll have to bring me some =)

MelissaSamson said...

Of course, I'll share! :)